Chambers Coach

Terms and Conditions

How to Reserve a coach?

Bookings must be made by telephone, email, fax or letter. We reserve the right to charge a deposit to secure the trip.

We strongly advise you check the details of the hire carefully and immediately notify our office of any errors or changes you may have. It is advisable to email, fax or write confirming any changes to your bookings.

A 10% deposit will be taken when the booking is made.

All coach park costs will be met by the customer and will either be paid for on the day or added to your final invoice.

When is the payment due?

Payment should be received in full and final settlement on the day or evening of the hire or account customers 30 days net from date of invoice.

You can pay either by Cheque or cash, Bankers Draft, Bank Transfer (This type of transaction may incur further charges).

Is there a cancellation fee?

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions we are now placed under by the Ministry of Transport to work out drivers' routes and rosters well in advance of any work actually proceeding we have no alternative but to pass on costs for re planning.

In the event of you needing to cancel your trip you should inform us immediately by telephone, and follow this up in writing.

Our Cancellation Charges are:


28 days or more - Deposit only

10-27 days - 10% of hire

 6-9 days - 20% of hire

 3 -5 days - 30%  of hire

 1- 2 days - 50%  of hire

Day of hire before arrival of coach at pick up point - 85% of hire

At or after arrival of coach at departure point - 100% of hire


28 days or more - Deposit only

10 - 27 days - 25% of hire

6 - 9 days - 60% of hire

3 - 5 days - 70% of hire

1 - 2 days - 85% of hire

Day of hire before arrival of coach at pick up - 95% of hire

At or after arrival of coach at departure point - 100% of hire

* External suppliers' costs (Sea Crossings, Guides etc) booked on your behalf may be payable in full. This price will be confirmed when you cancel.

What to do if I want to amend my booking?

Arrangements change and as long as the change is minimal we do not levy any additional costs. But if the amendments made change the structure of the hire, then extra charges may occur, which will be calculated by the office at the time of change.

(If those changes happen after payment is made you will need to settle the additional costs prior to travel).

We will endeavour to keep any additional costs to a minimum.

Will you charge for waiting charges?

It is expected that we will need to wait sometimes for a few minutes over the designated times, but if the waiting time exceeds the hours of the hire, then we reserve the right to charge an hourly charge or part thereof. Charges will be calculated as a pro rata cost according to the hire.

Important Note: All PCV drivers are governed by EEC Driving Hour Regulations. Chambers Coaches under no circumstances will breach these rules and regulations.

Do we guarantee the price?

As long as the structure of the trip has not changed from that to which we quoted then no extra charges will be levied.

However, we cannot guarantee the price of external suppliers services booked on your behalf, as this is beyond the control of Chambers Coaches.

Do you need insurance?

All trips are covered under our Road traffic fleet insurance policy. It is not compulsory to take out further travel insurance but when travelling abroad it is always recommended that you do.

Important Note: It is the client's responsibility to ensure you are adequately insured and have all the correct travel documents when travelling outside UK.

If I am not happy how do I complain?

In the event of you not being happy during your trip you should immediately make our representatives aware of your grievance during the hire, which will hopefully be able to be rectified there and then. If for any reason the matter has not been resolved to your full satisfaction then you need to put it in writing to:

Chambers Coaches (Stevenage) Ltd, Jacks Hill Park Office, Great North Road, Graveley, Herts, SG4 7EG

We are proud to say that complaints are not something we receive on a regular basis but if you have a genuine complaint we can usually reach an amicable resolution.

If you still are not satisfied you are quite within your rights to approach an Arbitrator for the case to be heard before an official arbitrator. Any contract between us shall be deemed to have been made under English Law, and complaints arising will also be dealt with by English Law.

What are our responsibilities to you

Chambers Coaches (Stevenage) Ltd shall supply all the inclusions of the booking in our confirmation. We accept responsibility for acts and/or omissions of our employees. Every effort is made to adhere to agreed timings, but cannot guarantee this when external forces that are out of our control are against us.

What do we not accept responsibility for:

Bodily Injury due to any incidents out of the control of Chambers Coaches, Sickness or Death to the organiser of the trip or any passengers except where this is caused by a member of staff of Chambers Coaches.

Chambers Coaches has indemnity for third party personal injury arising out of travel on Chambers Coaches vehicles. Please NOTE that this is NOT personal travel insurance.

We do not accept responsibility or liability for:

The weather or traffic conditions which may affect your hire. Other arrangements or amenities supplied by third parties vendors i.e. Shuttle, ferry, or accommodation or any other person or party contracted on your behalf.

Theft or damage to personal effects of the signatory of the hire or any other person travelling with us, except where such theft or damage is caused by a direct action of the employees of Chambers Coaches. Delays caused because of strike action by any service used during your trip, unless it is a strike caused by the operatives of Chambers Coaches.

Delays by passengers

The company shall not be held responsible or liable for delays caused by passengers arriving to the coach later than the specified time of departure or for passengers being held by police, immigration or customs officials. Where such delays are caused the driver shall depart at the specified time and may leave any passenger(s) behind. Chambers Coaches shall not make any refund or compensation in such circumstances.


Pets are not allowed on our vehicles unless agreed in writing by our office.


Chambers coaches does not allow for radios or other devices to be broadcast while travelling, without the company's permission. Such permission will only be given in writing by the office.


Smoking is not permitted under any circumstances in our coaches or buildings.


Drinking Alcohol is strictly forbidden on all of our vehicles

By law, it is prohibited to carry alcohol on any part of a coach travelling to or from a designated sporting event. Detailed information is contained in the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act 1985 as amended.


It is strictly forbidden for any person to carry or consume drugs of any description except where such drugs are prescribed for medication by a doctor. You may be required to produce medical evidence especially when leaving or entering countries so please ensure you have this with you on the date of travel.

Duty free and duty paid goods

We will not take responsibility if you are over your allowances and a fee of duty is due. You and you alone must ensure that you remain within the current laws with regard to Duty Free and Duty Paid regulations. Chambers Coaches shall not accept responsibility for any delay or confiscation of goods whatsoever.

You can download your entitlements from Customs and Excise site at:

It is the driver's responsibility to ensure the vehicle is not over weight and his decision is final on the amount of goods he can carry.

Be on Time

It is your responsibility to ensure that you return to the coach at the times stated by the driver. These times must be strictly adhered to in order to keep running schedules within the current laws. The driver's stated times are final and no refund or compensation shall be made to anyone returning late or thereby missing the coach.

Disorderly conduct

All clients must be courteous to the driver and fellow travellers and the company reserves the right to refuse travel to anyone it deems to be a nuisance or danger to its employees or passengers. In extreme cases of nuisance or danger the company may ask the police to assist in requiring the person(s) concerned to disembark. The Company reserves the right to prosecute such offenders.

Any deviation from our conditions of engagement could render your hire with Chambers Coaches terminated without refund or compensation.

General information

Currency and passports

Please ensure that you are carrying the correct currency for each country visited, along with the relevant documentation needed for safe travel into other EC countries. Chambers coaches will not take responsibility for any passengers travel costs if they have not got the correct EC or Non-EC passport with relevant visas.


As weight is of paramount importance to the handling of a PCV vehicle we would ask that you limit your luggage to one suitcase and one small piece of hand luggage. It is your responsibility to ensure that your luggage is correctly loaded and unloaded.

Changes to your hires itinerary

Chambers coaches may have to change certain aspects of a given itinerary, due to factors out of there control of suitability of roads for a PCV vehicle.

Our office will endeavour where possible to notify you in advance but sometimes it is the driver who has to make the final decision which is final.

Chambers coaches will not take any responsibility for any time lost due to the changing of your itinerary.

Use of vehicles

Our policy is to supply the highest of standards and most up to date vehicles at all times, sometimes such vehicles become unavoidably unavailable but be assured we will make every effort to supply the highest standard of vehicle available to us at the time.


Under EC Directive 2003/20/EC it has become compulsory for all passengers to wear seatbelts.


On confirmation of your booking our terms and conditions become binding. You as the hirer are liable in all aspects.

Statutory rights

Nothing in these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights under English law.


We take Safety very seriously at Chambers and without doubt it is our main operational priority at all times.

We expect all our operatives and clients be aware of the importance of safety at all times while you are in our care.


Our drivers are without doubt true professionals, Safety conscious, well trained and proud to be working for the best coach operator in Hertfordshire.

Journey planning

Your hire is planned to ensure that drivers can stay safely within the speed limits and Ministry of transport regulations with regards to drivers' hours.


All our vehicles are maintained in our own on site workshop. All maintenance work is carried out regardless of cost.